Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Magical place on Earth..

Disney Land..

I am SOO behind on posting!(Mainly because it says I have no more picture storage.. and I hate not being able to post pics?? So Im not sure what to do now.. Anyway)
Rydge and I went to Disney land a few weeks ago we met up with my mom and her family! We drove clear to Anaheim, which really wasn't the worst drive in the world! and I am not a great traveler! But the time went by fast, Rydge did really really well!! Once we got there my mom and Kayvan rented a house for all of us. I got to meet Kayvans son Aaron and his girlfriend Emily.. they are so nice! And Michelle and Sam, Rydge and Same got along really well! Sams name for rydge is Greg a doodle! So funny! He wouldnt call
him anything but greg a doodle! :)!
We had a ball, the rides, the food, and snacks, the parades, and water shows! It is SOOO different going as a mom with a little boy. Who can only go on kid rides, and we cant all go on the adult fun rides together.. we have to split up! ITs just a whole different level going to Disney land with a 2 yr old and only play in the kid areas! Really.. it was a blast! And I have missed Disney land. I cant wait to take Rydge and have Brent there with us!
We headed home Sunday morning, and got home at pretty good time! Its always fun to go on Vaca, but always nice to come home!
Love my family, and had such a ball in Disney with all of them.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Thankful for...

Nov. 1
This Spunky, happy, independent all over the place little boy!
He is our world, and even though he makes me want to PULL my hair
out and scream sometimes, I wouldnt change any of it!
His smile makes my day, he wants to do everything by himself,
and runs all over the place.. he puts on the miles!!!
And I am SO thankful to have this special little boy of ours
in my life.

Nov. 2
The Crips FALL air!!!
I am soooo loving the leaves changing, and blowing all over my lawn,
The nippyness of the air that falls on my face when I step outside.
I feel extra happy when its this time of year!

Nov. 3
Listening to all of this Hurrican Sandy stuff
makes me realize that I am so happy were we live, and I take everything
for granted. I am thankful that we have a roof over our head,
 power, Electricity, and the little odds and ends that we need to
keep us going.


Thursday, November 1, 2012

Trick or Treat!

Happy Halloween!!!

This year was a blast.. Rydge caught on to the hole thing pretty fast!
We took the wagon, and walked around part of town with Jen and her kids.
Kash and Rydge were door to door buddies! Rydge would get
so excited he would run to the door with kash (Brent would follow) and hold out
his bucket for candy!!
He ate more than made into the bag..isnt that normal?? haha!

Rydge wasnt wanting to really ride in the wagon, he wanted to pull it instead..
so he would set his candy in the wagon, then pull. SO STINKIN' CUTE!!!

And.. More photos through the night!...

Hope you all had a Spooky Halloween!!! Because we had a BLASSSSTTTT!!!
(it wont let me post my cute fam halloween pict...dang it!)

Sunday, October 7, 2012

The Clampits go...

Brent and I drew out this year for the BULL ELk Hunt! It was FREAKIN' awesome!! Just sayin!
We went on a 2 week hunting vaca!! WE even got lucky to have a whole weekend to ourselves! My mother in law took Rydge home with her Friday and I got him Monday! So Brent and I had some tiome together.. MIUCH needed time together!! I loved it.. but, when I went to get Rydgey, I couldnt get there fast enough!
I shot my elk the 3rd day in.. We saw him on the flats and we rushed out of the truck.. now let me tell ya, with my dad and father in law I had to block out some major crazyness.. cheering! Anyway, I shot, and scuffed his eye clear back to the neck, Brent shot and shot his butt.. THen I aimed for the shoulder and shot him.. he dropped!!! now, picture this.. I fall to the ground where I shot him, emotion ran through me and I cried and was jumping for freakin joy, The dads are rushing to the elk , and Brent is standing by the elk!! It was the CRAZIEST experience ever!! I was SOO flippin excited, I couldnt stop smilling!

What a morning!! Im just sayin!!!
I LOVE this picture of my dad! ha!!
 Brent shot his the 2nd to the last day, and I Wasnt with im :(, The dads were tho. He shot 3 times and dropped him! So much fun!!!

Rydgey on the front horns!! This pict ROCKS!
 .. Now, Why I said Clampits, here is the in between the mornings and night hunts!!!

Yup.. Thats a rat! That my dad tied on a rope, and the kids walked it around camp.. Ya.. HILLBILLY REDNECK much! hahaha... The kids loved it, and we caught one every morning we were there.
We caught a lizard, that Rydge LOVED! I swear they were best friends .. but my dad put it on a leash too. To be funny!
 Forts and berry picking...
Pilling on the dogs...

We all had a blast!! and seriously happy to be home!!.. Now to put up my Halloween Decorations and putting my house together!!!!!

Love my family!!!! Such a fun time!

Friday, August 31, 2012

The Locks are Gone..

My boy got his FIRST real hair cut!!! And he did a GREAT Job.. Thanks to the sucker, and Brandie Simpkins who is an amazing child hair stylist! haha..


He is such a cute little guy! And looks like a big boy.. Its crazy how much a hair cut can change someones appearance!!


Monday, August 27, 2012

Summer Lovin!

Summer Is...
24th of July Parade!

Being a goof ball!

Picking Berries at General Steam!

Wagon Rides!

Driving Tractors!!

Playin' Fetch with Mo..

All day outside!..

FIRST Hair Cut..

Friend Fun!!
 This is what we have been up to latelly.. Plus, some family time, camping, moving into our house!! Woot Woot.. I could do a Whole post about boogies first hair cut!! .. maybe I still will. But he looks like a big boy.. seriously!!! I love his cute little curls! They are no more. haha..

The house is finally getting un packed, and set! I am a hanging fool! ha.. I am gonna start painting soon.. Yay!! And I cant wait.. I Say that now, Im gonna hate it after the first coat. I have a huge DI pile, all the boxes are pretty much un packed! My next project is down stairs in the storage room. I want to put all the holiday stuff in there own piles and buy tots.. right now all my crap is just in a box. I need to seriously organize it.

Brent and I are doing great, He is working his little butt off, Rydgey is getting so big.. I love watching him learn about anything and everything. I am starting on Christmas stuff, and getting the house in order. So.. were staying busy! Brent and I's anniversary is coming up in a couple weeks.. holy smokes!


Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The Brackens are Moving!

Into our OWN Home!!!
Yes! We finally bought our first home!!!
Its here in Enterprise, of Course.  

(Pictures to come soon)
It has a porch :)! Up stairs has 3 bedroom 2 bath, The master bedroom has a bathroom in it.. YAY! Beautiful Kitchen, living room.. and a  2 car garage!!! Woot Woot.. Do you know how LONG its been since Ive had a garage?? and my car will love me this winter!!
My Downstairs is a huge living room, with a wood stove :).. Favorite!! 4 bedrooms, and a bathroom! There is a stair way that leads out of the basement to the back yard.
The backyard.. is FENCED IN!!! Rydgey can spend all day outside without me flipping out every second because he wonders off!!!
I cannot wait to make this house our HOME!! And make it ours! Brent and I have so many things we want to do.. but in time!!

It just feels GOOD to finally have a place of our own. Weve been looking for a couple years now, And nothing has really come up, until now!! Finally rent that is actually going to something!!!
WE are to close by the 16th.. right now we have all paper work turned in, down payment is down, and the inspection has passed! So were in the waiting zone!!


Monday, July 23, 2012

Terry Reunion!

Every year I look forward to this Reunion.. 
1. Because its at my MOST favoritist place on earth to be.. The Ranch! 
2. Its peaceful, relaxing and amazing!!! 
We headed up Thursday afternoon and got rained on! 
It was so nice, and beautiful.
Brent came up after work and hung out for a bit. He had to work Friday so he left Thursday evening, and came back up Friday evening. 

 They put up a swing by the field and so we decided to go check it out.. It was hillarious, Boogie LOVED it! 

 Friday was a pretty relaxing day, it sprinkled here and there, which was wonderful, we just played and watched Rydge enjoy the dirt! That boy is all boy! He would sit in the dirt and just roll in it! He played fetch with Mo.
This little dog, is Duke.. He is my Aunt Elvas dog and Rydge was so fascinated with him.. He followed Duke everywhere.. was very soft and would always crouch down to Dukes level and cock his head to one side and just start jabbering! It was the funniest thing.. ever! It was cute! 
 Roasting Smores!
 Mo is Boogies dog!

 Koda was pretty worn out too... fell asleep anywhere!
Saturday was the day of the reunion, we had games during the day which me and Whit were in charge of. We had a fish pond... we had to put the glasses on before putting them in a bag. Anyway, We had a big dinner, and visited with LOTS of family!!! Had an Auction, and a raffel.. I raffeled on this FABULOUS picture of the ranch in Scipia color, with wood around it. Cant wait to hang it up!  Its gorgeouse, 
Sunday we went for a ride to Pine Park, and then cleaned up and headed for home. 
It is always sad leaving the ranch.. especially since it was just a nice get a way. I am SO lucky that I live only 15-20 minutes away from my favorite place and I can go anytime.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

A night in the City!

Me, and 3 of my sister in laws all loaded up Friday afternoon and headed to Vegas for a girls night out! Can I just tell ya, that I had a BLAST!!!! 
We got all dressed up, little black dresses, heels, lip stick.. ya know the works! haha.. And went to dinner at Dicks, and also went to a show, then dancing!!!
We went shopping, sadly I didnt buy anything.. :/
But we had a blast, and a nice little mama outting!!! 
Cant wait for our next fun little trip! 

Thursday, July 5, 2012

The 4th!!

Happy 4th of July 

We had a fun 4th. We started out by going to the program that they have every year.. We mainly went because my dad plays in the string band, and I LOVE to go watch him, and the rest of the crew! 
The prgoram was really good, I bawled :/... when you put music to pictures, and the songs are that much more touching, the end song I really let the tears flow! Once the prgram was over, Rydge ran down to my dad and started helping him play the guitar.. it was SO. CUTE. 
After the program we went to Brents parents and visited and had lunch.. which was tasty. The kids all played outside, and we sat inside and jabbered! 
They have a tramp.. which Rydge loves! We couldnt get him out of it without him throwing a tantrom!
We went to the races at 2.. Rydge did good! He kinda just looked around at the other kids as he walked.. they all ran, but it was fun! His FIRST race.. and Hunter got it on video!!! I just need to up load it to the computer! 
After running, we came home and Rydge took a 2 1/2 hour nap.. wow! And a few friends came over for a bbq, and hung out for a bit. And since the only Fire Works we could do were Poppers, we had tons and the kids loved it! 
It was a fun 4th.. and I was exhausted we all went to bed at 9. haha.. 
I Love holidays!!! Were thinking of going to Gunlock ROdeo on Friday!!! Rydge hasnt been to a Rodeo yet! So, that shall be interesting!!! 
Hope you all had a Fab 4th!