Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Magical place on Earth..

Disney Land..

I am SOO behind on posting!(Mainly because it says I have no more picture storage.. and I hate not being able to post pics?? So Im not sure what to do now.. Anyway)
Rydge and I went to Disney land a few weeks ago we met up with my mom and her family! We drove clear to Anaheim, which really wasn't the worst drive in the world! and I am not a great traveler! But the time went by fast, Rydge did really really well!! Once we got there my mom and Kayvan rented a house for all of us. I got to meet Kayvans son Aaron and his girlfriend Emily.. they are so nice! And Michelle and Sam, Rydge and Same got along really well! Sams name for rydge is Greg a doodle! So funny! He wouldnt call
him anything but greg a doodle! :)!
We had a ball, the rides, the food, and snacks, the parades, and water shows! It is SOOO different going as a mom with a little boy. Who can only go on kid rides, and we cant all go on the adult fun rides together.. we have to split up! ITs just a whole different level going to Disney land with a 2 yr old and only play in the kid areas! Really.. it was a blast! And I have missed Disney land. I cant wait to take Rydge and have Brent there with us!
We headed home Sunday morning, and got home at pretty good time! Its always fun to go on Vaca, but always nice to come home!
Love my family, and had such a ball in Disney with all of them.

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  1. So fun that you got to go to Disneyland! And I'd love to help you with that 'craft' when the time comes!! :) just let me know;)